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Mini-tutorials showcasing some common GIS tasks

Import/Export and Display

  • Import and display SRTM elevation data
  • Import and display VMap0 Digital Chart of the World
  • GRASS Newsletter, 3, June 2005.
  • If your region crosses the boundaries of a VMap0 block you can use the v.append command, available in the Grass Addons section of this wiki, to combine vectors across the edges. It can take quite a while to complete.
  • Import and display ETOPO2 world elevation and bathymetry dataset

General Import / Export

  • Raster import and export with / r.out.gdal
  • Vector import and export with / v.out.ogr

GIS Tasks

  • Map (re-)projection
    • r.proj and v.proj (snippets from manual pages)
    • gdal_warp as an alternative for large, complex (re-)projection tasks
    • ogr2ogr as an alternative to v.proj
  • Create vector contour lines from a raster DEM

3D Visualization

  • Use NVIZ to render a 3D image
nviz elevation.dem

Raster operations


  • drape semi-transparent land use map over shaded relief map


  • cost surface analysis

Vector operations

Hardcopy and Graphics Creation

  • create PostScript with (instructions in file, command line interface)
  • use wxGUI Cartographic Composer (graphical user interface to, creates PDF or PostScript)
  • use standard GRASS GIS Map Display (or its command line interface from Python or Bash) and finalize with Inkscape
  • export to GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)
  • export to QGIS and use Cartography Composer there