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Interfacing with the ADCIRC coastal ocean model

Grid preparation


OceanMesh2D is an open source (GPL3) generator of 2D triangular meshes suitable for use with ADCIRC. It likes to work in lat/lon coordinate system.

You can output your DEM as NetCDF format with r.out.gdal.

You can create a domain boundary polyline with r.contour. You can then output the domain boundary polyline either as Shapefiles with v.out.ogr, or as two column x,y ASCII data with the v.out.ascii.mat addon module for GRASS 6.

Post processing output data

Importing the fort.14 mesh grid

The v.in.adcirc_grid addon module for GRASS 6 will import a 3D triangular mesh from the ADCIRC coastal ocean model into a GRASS vector map.

If you wish to have a look at where the sub-domains of a parallel run are, you can use the following Bash script: mkdir fort14s for DIR in PE00?? ; do

  cp -a $DIR/fort.14 fort14s/${DIR}.14


cd fort14s for file in *.14 ; do

  base=`echo "$file" | sed -e 's/PE00//' -e 's/\.14//'`
  echo -n "[$base]"
  v.in.adcirc_grid in="$file" out="submesh_$base" --quiet
  v.in.adcirc_grid -p in="$file" out="submesh_${base}_pts" --quiet


Importing unit 61, 62, 63, 64 results

- addme: bash code + r.in.xyz + r.surf.nnbathy

d.barb addon module for GRASS 6 for rendering u,v vector arrows