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work in progress ...


Color tables live in $GISBASE/etc/colors



  • Convert from GMT color tables with r.cpt2grass
  • Use r.colors.quantiles create raster colors rules based on nquantiles. It uses R and the spgrass6 package.


Colortable aspect.png

Colortable aspectcolr.png

Colortable bcyr.png

Colortable bgyr.png

Colortable byg.png

Colortable byr.png

Colortable celsius.png

Colortable corine.png

Colortable corine clc.gcolors.png

Colortable curvature.png

Colortable differences.png

Colortable elevation.png

Colortable etopo2.png

Colortable evi.png

Colortable grey.png

Colortable grey1.0.png

Colortable grey255.png

Colortable gyr.png

Colortable ndvi.png

Colortable palette chl etc.gcolors.png

Colortable palette sst.gcolors.png

Colortable population.png

Colortable precipitation.png

Colortable rainbow.png

Colortable ramp.png

Colortable ryb.png

Colortable ryg.png

Colortable sepia.png

Colortable slope.png

Colortable srtm.png

Colortable terrain.png

Colortable wave.png