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Color tables live in $GISBASE/etc/colors (see SVN)




  • There is an online colormap repository with many fine GMT (and many others) gradients at
  • There are a number of command line tools for working with the GMT .cpt files at


Built in

The numeric values of following color tables can be found in the here

Colortable aspect.png

Colortable aspectcolr.png

Colortable bcyr.png

Colortable bgyr.png

Colortable byg.png

Colortable byr.png

Colortable celsius.png

Colortable corine clc.gcolors.png

Colortable curvature.png

Colortable differences.png

Colortable elevation.png

Colortable etopo2.png

Colortable evi.png

Colortable grey.png

Colortable grey1.0.png

Colortable grey255.png

Colortable gyr.png

Colortable haxby.png

Colortable ndvi.png

Colortable population.png

Colortable precipitation.png

Colortable rainbow.png

Colortable ramp.png

Colortable ryb.png

Colortable ryg.png

Colortable sepia.png

Colortable slope.png

Colortable srtm.png

Colortable terrain.png

Colortable wave.png


These user contributions can be found in the GRASS addons SVN repository

Colortable palette chl etc.gcolors.png

Colortable palette sst.gcolors.png

Colortable palette GMT ocean.gcolors.png

Colortable palette roygbiv.gcolors.png

Colortable palette high intensity.gcolors.png

Colortable palette low intensity.gcolors.png

  • The script used to create these thumbnails can be found on the discussion page.