Community Sprint Funding

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Procedure to request Community Sprint funding

  1. Open this page in editing mode to copy the template part below into a new Wiki "discussion" page with the name scheme like this example GRASS GIS contributors meetings in Solany/February 2016.
  2. Remember: don't edit here but create a new Wiki page. Store the template into the related "Discussion" page first and fill it.
  3. Send the URL to the GRASS-PSC mailing list (requires subscription to post there). Do that at least 2 weeks before the meeting starts.
  4. The PSC will decide about funding or no/partial funding within one week.

Below is a template for Community Sprint funding request (DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE).

Confused? See this example:

(template below)

Name of Meeting/Place

What is to be funded?

How many participants are expected?

How to fund? (financially, with material resources, in-kind ...)

How much money is needed?

(Please add a simple table here; you can convert from LibreOffice or Excel to Wiki here: or adapt the table below:

Community Sprint cost estimate Euro
Reimbursements for participants 0
Public Transport 0
Promo (T-Shirts + stickers) 0
Office stuff 0
Small food + Drinks 0

What relationship has the proposed project to GRASS GIS?

Is the event additionally sponsored by others?

What are the consequences of funding / non-funding?

What kind of documentation / reporting will be delivered after the event?

Contact info

Mail to PSC mailing list sent?

Decision taken

Report after the event

Comments from community