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Procedure to request Community Sprint funding

  1. Open this page in editing mode to copy the template part below into a new Wiki "discussion" page using a name scheme something like this example: GRASS GIS contributors meetings in Solany/February 2016.
  2. Remember: don't edit here but create a new Wiki page. Store the template into the related "Discussion" page first, by copying from the source of this page, then pasting in the new page, and then filling in the details.
  3. Send the URL of the new page to the GRASS-PSC mailing list (requires subscription to post there). Do that at least 2 weeks before the meeting starts.
  4. The PSC will decide about funding or no/partial funding within one week.

Below is a template for Community Sprint funding request (DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE).

Confused? See this example:

(template below)

Name of Meeting/Place

What is to be funded?

How many participants are expected?

How to fund? (financially, with material resources, in-kind ...)

How much money is needed?

(Please add a simple table here; you can convert from LibreOffice or Excel to Wiki here: or adapt the table below:

Community Sprint cost estimate Euro
Reimbursements for participants 0
Public Transport 0
Promo (T-Shirts + stickers) 0
Office stuff 0
Small food + Drinks 0

What relationship has the proposed project to GRASS GIS?

Is the event additionally sponsored by others?

What are the consequences of funding / non-funding?

What kind of documentation / reporting will be delivered after the event?

Contact info

Mail to PSC mailing list sent?

Decision taken

Report after the event

Comments from community