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Q: How can I find Cygwin packages to Install GRASS5.7?

A: The installation notes for GRASS5.7 on windows with Cygwin includes a long list of Cygwin packages that are required before installing GRASS. They can be difficult to find because the Cygwin installer lists packages by category, rather than alpabetically.

Here is the same list alphabetical list in two versions:

  • by category, followed by the package name
  • by package, followed by the categories from which they may be selected

Note that some packages are listed in multiple categories. Selecting a package in one category will make it show as selected everywhere it appears. By Category

archive: unzip
archive: zip
base: gawk
base: ash
base: bash
base: cygwin
base: fileutils
base: findutils
base: gettext
base: grep
base: gzip
base: inetutils
base: login
base: man
base: ncurses
base: readline
base: sed
base: sh-utils/shellutils
base: tar
base: termcap
base: textutils
base: zlib
database: postgresql
devel: cygipc
graphics: jpeg
graphics: libpng12
graphics: libpng2
graphics: libtiff4
graphics: opengl
graphics: tiff
interpreters: gawk
interpreters: perl
libs: cygipc
libs: jpeg
libs: libpng12
libs: libpng2
libs: libtiff4
libs: regex
libs: sunrpc
libs: w32api
libs: zlib
net: openssh
shells: ash
shells: bash
shells: sh-utils/shellutils
shells: tcsh
text: groff
text: less
text: texinfo
utils: bzip2
utils: clear
utils: file
utils: time

By Package

ash: base,shells
bash: base,shells
bzip2: utils
clear: utils
cygipc: devel,libs
cygwin: base
fileutils: base
file: utils
findutils: base
gawk: base,interpreters
gettext: base
grep: base
groff: text
gzip: base
inetutils: base
jpeg: graphics,libs
less: text
libpng12: graphics,libs
libpng2: graphics, libs
libtiff4: graphics, libs
login: base
man: base
ncurses: base
opengl: graphics
openssh: net
perl: interpreters
postgresql: database
readline: base
regex: libs
sed: base
sh-utils/shellutils: base, shells
sunrpc: libs
tar: base
tcsh: shells
termcap: base
texinfo: text
textutils: base
tiff: graphics
time: utils
unzip: archive
w32api: libs
zip: archive
zlib: base, libs