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Systematic Approach

  • Collect all possible error states from functions
  • assign error codes for macros?
  • G_option() parameters (like output->description = ("Path to resulting ASCII file");)

How should Errors/Warnings/Messages be formatted

  • strings < >
  • numbers [ ]

Macros to be defined for C library

  • MSG_RASTER_NOT_FOUND_IN_MAPSET - "Raster map <%s> not found in <%s>"
  • MSG_CANNOT_OPEN_RASTER - "Failed opening raster map <%s>"
  • MSG_CANNOT_OPEN_FILE - Cannot open file <%s>

Parameters and flags

Fix the parameters and flags. Make it a concept. See proposal in GRASS 5 documents/parameter_proposal.txt

Verbosity levels

Abstract concept
standard 3 PERMSG_MODE print progress and messages
standard 2 MESSAGE_MODE print only messages
brief 1 PERCENT_MODE print only progress information
silent but not mute 0 QUIET_MODE print nothing (but ERR and WAR)
mute 2>&1 > /dev/null
  • module output (should be "parsable") is not controlled by GRASS_VERBOSE [use fprintf (stdout, ...)]
  • silent
    • only warnings and fatal errors are printed
  • brief
    • all G_percent() and selected G_message() (especially connected to progress information, up to the programmer ??)
  • standard
    • all G_percent() and selected G_message()
  • verbose
    • all G_percent() + G_message()
  • remove verbose level → standard == all G_percent () + G_messages()
  • move some messages to G_debug()