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Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for software development. The CDT-plugin enables support for C/C++ development. While CVS-support is built in, additional plugins have to included to allow for access of SVN repositories.

Eclipse/CDT can be used as a convenient frontend for platform independent GRASS GIS development.

It can handle:

  • Checkout of the latest sources from the SVN
  • Code editing and refactoring
  • GRASS-spedific Configure/Make/Make-Install - toolchain via wrapping in Ant-XML-fragements.
  • Running of a freshly compiled GRASS-build from within Eclipse.

This page will soon provide a detailed walk-through how to use Eclipse/CDT for GRASS development.

Please note: This approach aims at software development, not the developmetn of a fat GRASS plugin within the Eclipse environment. If this is you interest, you might want to look up the JGRASS project.