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Introduction: FOSS4G 2006

Geoinformatics 2006 is to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, over September 12-15th 2006 and we offer several workshops and presentations. This page will hold the plans and proposed programme for the GRASS component of Geo2006. Please compare with the official workshop time table including all offered workshops.


For each proposal we'll have to write an abstract and submit it by 15th of april 2006 ( Any suggestion and contribution is welcome. Next FOSS4G2006 IRC meeting is in IRC (irc://, see the channel topic for dates. To submit a workshop proposal one teacher needs to feel responsible as head and add the workshop.

GRASS Beginner's Workshop (Tuesday, 9-11)

(Conference page)

This would propably be sth. similar to the OSG'05 workshop from Markus and Kristen Perry, material at:

  • teachers:
    • Otto Dassau (head) (OD)
    • Paolo Zatelli (PZ)
    • Stephan Holl (SH)
    • Jachym Cepicky (JC)
  • abstract (topics):
    • first steps with GRASS (and with Quantum GIS) (OD)
    • data import and export
    • vector data analysis (SH)
    • basic raster data analysis (JC)
    • image analysis (optical - short) (OD)
    • visualization (nviz - short) (JC)
    • creating analogue maps (JC)

Power User Workshop 1: GRASS and external DBMS (Wednesday, 14-16)

(Conference page)

We can demonstrate database support by connecting GRASS to the most commonly used DBMS (PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL, SQLite, ...)

  • teachers:
    • Stephan Holl (head) (SH)
    • Otto Dassau (OD)
    • Paolo Zatelli (PZ)
    • Jachym Cepicky (JC)
  • abstract (proposed topics):
    • Installation, prerequirements, configuration (SH)
      • SQLite (SH)
      • PostgreSQL (PZ)
      • MySQL
      • ODBC (OD)
      • Oracle (only theoreticaly) (SH)
    • Configuration of external RDBMS to use as attribute-storage instead of DBF
      • Benefits of RDBMS and GRASS (PZ)
      • Sharing attribute-data with other applications (PZ)
    • Configuration of spatialy enabled RDBMS (PostGIS) (PZ)
      • reading and writing from/to such RDBMS (PZ)
      • Using already existing data from such RDBMS (PZ)
    • Hints for practical usage of external RDBMS.

Power User Workshop 2: Using R with FOSS4G, in particular with GRASS (Tuesday, 14-16)

(Conference page)

Using GRASS in combination with R is often useful, starting with running R within GRASS, then encapsulating R within GRASS for standardised tasks. R contributed packages also use other FOSS4G software extensively, including GDAL, OGR, PROJ.4, Terralib, and others:

  • possible teachers:
    • Roger Bivand (head)
    • please suggest (preferably GRASS side)
  • abstract (proposed topics):
    • Installing R for FOSS4G/GRASS - task view and packages
    • Spatial classes in R
    • GRASS6/R interface
    • Other FOSS4G/R interfaces (rgdal, aRT, ...)
    • Using the interface to do geostatistics and interpolation
    • Customising FOSS4G/GRASS-side scripts

Power User Workshop: GRASS image processing (optical and Lidar) (Tuesday, 16-18)

(Conference page)

  • teachers:
    • LIDAR: Helena Mitasova, Maria Brovelli
    • Optical: Markus Neteler
  • abstract (proposed topics):
    • Optical data processing (very short)
      • import, visualization with color table improvements
      • geocoding with automatic search of ground control points
      • ratios, filtering
      • image classification with vectorization of results
    • Lidar data basics, topo analysis, filtering:
      • what are lidar data and where to get them
      • import lidar DEMs and massive point data sets:,
      • detection of the surface objects (buildings, vegetation, ...)
      • data classification: terrain, terrain with double pulse, object, object with double pulse
      • compute high resolution DEMs from point data using (relation between tension, smoothing, and level of detail) or Tykhonov regularized spline functions (v.bsplinet)
      • topographic analysis based on lidar data: r.slope.aspect,, r.watershed, r.terraflow
      • (to be added if it works): create your lidar-based DEM and perform topographic analysis using GRASS6 and on-line through GEONGRID project

Power User Workshop: GRASS 3D and visualization (Tuesday, 11-13)

(Conference page)

  • teachers:
    • Helena Mitasova (assistance, if needed)
    • Massimo Cuomo (head?)
    • Jachym Cepicky
    • Soeren Gebbert
  • abstract (proposed topics):
    • 3D data and how to import or create them
      • surfaces (2D raster), volumes(3D raster):, v.vol.rst (Helena)
      • 3D vectors (Jachym)
      • modify/create 3D data using r.mapcalc, r3.mapcalc
      • nviz: navigation and fly throughs (Massimo)
      • nviz: working with multiple surfaces (Helena)
      • nviz: create dynamic surfaces using file sequencing tool (Helena)
      • nviz: combining surfaces and volumes
      • nviz: working with 3D vector points with multiple attributes (Massimo)
  • 3D-vectors in GIS GRASS [[1]] (Jachym)
    • How to create them
    • How to visualise them in nviz
    • v.trees3d & v.extrude & v.drape
  • 3D data and how to export them to VTK [[2]] and (a short version) [[3]](Soeren)
    • How to export data for Paraview (2D, 3D raster, 3D Vector)
    • How to visualise them

Live-CD for GRASS-related workshops

Currently Stephan Holl and Otto Dassau prepare to build a new 'GISIX' LiveCD based on KNOPPIX 5.0.1. including all necessary software packages for the GRASS, R and Quantum GIS workshops.

  • PROJ 4.4.9 with Datum files
  • GRASS 6.2.0beta2 (6.2.0)
  • GDAL 1.3.2
  • GDAL-OGR-GRASS plugin
  • QGIS 0.8 SVN release 5713
  • QT4-devel/QGIS-devel files
  • R 2.3.1 (and hopefully all needed libs for GRASS-interaction)
    • spgrass6 (update coming soon)
    • spGDAL (now part of rgdal)
    • maptools
    • rgdal
    • sp
    • aRT
  • libterralib CVS
  • Postgres 8.1.4
  • PostGIS 1.1.2
  • MySQL 5.0.22
  • Apache2
  • some locales (EN, DE, FR, ?!)
  • Lidar workshop: we have sample datasets + new v.lidar.* commands (in CVS now)
  • [probably forgotten something]

Problems with LausanneLiveCD_release

  • none :-)
  • thanks to all who helped testing the image, AFAIK it worked on all workshops nicely. THanks! (SH)
  • please download CDROM ISO from here:

Further Presentations during the conference

  • PyWPS - GRASS goes web User:Jachym
  • New approaches in modelling, analysis and visualisation of volume data with GRASS and VTK [[4]] by Soeren Gebbert

For each presentation proposal the presenter has to submit an abstract by 30 June, 2006 (

Workshop datasets

  • GRASS dataset [5] for 3D workshop parts "3D-vectors in GIS GRASS (Jachym)" and "GRASS 3D data and VTK (Soeren)"
  • LIDAR-Dataset I [6] from Helena (preliminary!)
  • LIDAR-Dataset II [7] from Maria
  • LIDAR-Dataset III from Roberto Antolin (sent to SH directly)
  • Optical image data for Lidar/Imagery Workshop [8] from Markus