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Competitive FOSS4G2007 showcase

At FOSS4G2007, a showcase is planned to see how well the OSGeo (and non-OSGeo) software performs, based on the same dataset - to see each project handles the same information.

For more information, visit the following page:

Data sources:



Definition of a new GRASS location using the given EPSG code 3005:

Grass63 startup1 small.jpg

(see also larger screenshot)

Selection of geodetic datum for EPSG code 3005:

Grass63 startup2 small.jpg

(see also larger screenshot)

New location 'canada_foss4g2007' created, ready to start GRASS:

Grass63 startup3 small.jpg

(see also larger screenshot)

Import of map 'ntdb_road_50' from PostGIS server

Grass63 import1 small.jpg

(see also larger screenshot)

For us friends of command line: dsn=" port=20543 dbname=foss user=foss password=foss4g07" \
           output=ntdb_road_50 layer=ntdb_road_50 type=line

Please continue and expand...

Import of original data sets


Data processing in GRASS

  • visualization
  • analysis
    • distances
    • vector networking, LRS
    • ...
  • QGIS
  • JavaGRASS/uDig

Data export

  • KML
  • DXF