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* Try the [[Quick wxGUI tutorial]]
* Try the [[Quick wxGUI tutorial]]
* Temporal support and other new [[Initiatives]]
* Temporal support and other new [[Initiatives]]
* [[Cartography#Display_monitors|New bar scales and north arrows]]
* Collecting ideas for running GRASS on [[Android]]

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Welcome to the GRASS GIS Users Wiki

GRASS GIS is a Geographic Information System used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/map production, spatial modeling, and visualization.

On this Wiki, you can get and contribute to GRASS related information, documents and community provided add-ons programs. To edit here, you need to register and login first (see top right link).

For GRASS at a glance, see core features. For usage examples, see the screenshots gallery and Applications.

What's hot:

User Documentation and Support


Have a look at the GRASS GIS users worldwide GRASS GIS User Online. If you operate a GRASS GIS installation, you are welcome to enter your user data there.
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OSGeo Foundation Project
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Project Metrics provided by Ohloh.

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