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You want to translate pages of this Wiki? Great, read on! This page describes the current multi-lingual policy on GRASS-Wiki. All pages get auto-indexed after a few minutes and the language link appears on the left in the menu.

쪽 제목

우리의 영어본 첫번째 쪽은 GRASS-Wiki에 있다. 번역본은 GRAA-Wiki/code에 보관되는데, 코드는 언어 분류 코드이다 (예로, GRASS-Wiki/cs는 체코어를 의미한다. 미디어위키가 번역본의 자동 인덱스를 부여할 수 있도록 언어코드를 준수할 필요가 있다. (언어 코드에 관하여 이해하려면, below를 참조하십시오).

When you start translating a page to a new language, its name must follow this convention: 어떤 쪽이라도 번역하는 경우, 쪽명은 다음 양식을 따라야 한다.

Original name/code
원래 쪽명/코드

예로, GRASS Community번역 쪽은 "GRASS Community/cs"로, 인도네시아어의 경우 "GRASS Community/id", 독일어의 경우 "GRASS Community/de" 등으로 표기된다.

언어 분류/코드

번역된 쪽은 "Languages/code"에 근거하여 정리보관된다. 일례로 체코어로 번역된 쪽 Czech를 참조하십시오.

규약으로: 비영문 쪽은 문서 하부에 다음의 표기를 포함한다.


즉, 체코어의 경우 Category:Languages/cs이며, 독일어의 경우 Category:Languages/de, 등으로 표기된다.

Template "Trans"

We have the template Trans for master pages which are undergoing the process of translation. Please add it if you don't complete the translation so that you/others can easily find it back:


This template is to be removed when the translation of the page is finished.

Language codes

Throughout the GRASS-Wiki, you should use the language codes specified by the MediaWiki software when creating language-specific content (see Names.php for the full and up-to-date list).

Please also bear the following in mind (but this won't apply to the majority of languages!):

  • If the language code is not found in Names.php then we should not host help pages in that language (since the indexing mechanism would fail)
  • If you want to add a language that is not present in Mediawiki, first get it added to the software (by making a request at Bugzilla) and only add pages here once the changes have been accepted and the GRASS Wiki been updated accordingly.
  • If MediaWiki uses the 'incorrect' code for a language then you should also (for consistency) use that incorrect code here. If you think a code is incorrect you should discuss it on Bugzilla, and if this results in it being changed we will move the pages to match.
  • Note that some language codes in Names.php are now deprecated (e.g. zh-yue has been replaced with yue). In these cases only the most recent code should be used.

Detailed procedure

If you want to translate a Wiki page, then:

  1. Generate a new page with language suffix, e.g. /de. For example, to generate the page, just enter this URL in your browser. The page won't exist yet and you can open it for editing. See also Starting a new page.
  2. copy the Wiki-Code of the (english) original page into the new page (use "editing" in the original page to see it). In this example, copy the Wiki code from into
  3. Add the language category at page bottom, e.g. [[Category:Languages/de]], then start translating. If you don't manage to finish the translation, add the "work in progress" template at page top ({{Trans|Deutsch|English}}). This {{Trans|Deutsch|English}} will generate an entry

    This page is in progress of translating to Deutsch from English

    in the page to notify the potential readers.
  4. If this procedure is yet unclear, please leave a comment in the discussion page.

Enjoy and happy translating :)