GRASS 6.3 Feature Plan

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GRASS 6.3.x feature plan

About feature plan

To make GRASS releases more often and more predictable, here is GRASS next releases feature plan. This feature plan has to be filled by developers working on GRASS 6.3.

Basic principles:

  1. Add a short feature description, bug No., etc. what You want to see and what YOU will implement or fix in upcoming GRASS 6.3 to #TODO list. Sign it using four tildes ~~~~!
  2. If You work on it, and You think it will make to next release, MOVE to #In progress section.
  3. When You finish and commit Your work, MOVE it to #Finished section.

Warning After freeze start, You will not be able to commit any new features till freeze end. Only bugfixes and commits related to items listed in In progress section.


  • Make sqlite the default DB?
  • Create GRASS Addons SVN repository and really use GEM
  • drop d.m display manager (as now almost unmaintained; there is gis.m and/or a python based GUI)
  • raster maps: implement SQL based time series support


In progress