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This page is dedicated to discussion about changes in terminology for GRASS 7.


Currently data entities like rasters or vectors are called in GRASS "maps", i.e. "raster map" or "vector map".

  • ML: GRASS is basically "layer-based" GIS, calling single raster or vector entities as "maps" is quite confusing. Better would be to use term "layer" or "map layer" for this purpose. "Map" can be used for layer composition, e.g. for cartography outputs.

Vector layer

The term "vector layer" is currently used even in more confusing sense, to mark subgroup of vector objects in vector entity. Originally called as "field".

  • ML: Not sure if to go back to the original term "field" (DB-based) or use something like "sub-layer".
  • WB: How about calling it "attribute-layer" which connects to an "attribute-table" (DB table)?

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