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The GRASS GIS team will participate in Vienna Code Sprint 2014 (see also the Wiki page). The sprint will be held from 24 to 28 March 2014 in Vienna, Austria.

Join us!


This Vienna Code Sprint 2014 is a great occasion for folks to support the development by actively contributing to the source code, manuals or likewise. This code sprint is targeting members of the "C Tribe" (i.e. OSGeo software projects mainly written in the C programming language). Other tribes are of course welcome to join this sprint. We hope that "C Tribe" members will give this event special consideration.

For this meeting, we welcome people committed to improving the GRASS GIS project and the interfaces to QGIS, GDAL, PostGIS, R statistics, Sextante, gvSIG, OGC Services (esp. WPS) and more. This includes developers, documenters, bug reporters, translators and others. We'll try to make a major step forward towards a stable GRASS GIS 7 release.


Please check more info on the Vienna Code Sprint Sponsoring page.

We welcome also direct financial contributions to help reducing travelling and accommodation expenses for GRASS developers with far arrival If you are interested to sponsor the GRASS Community Sprint, please read about

sponsoring the GRASS project at

Note that it is also possible to buy a round of beer for the developers with a quick click using the PayPal "Buy [pizza/beer/...] Now" button

Btn donate SM.gif

For any questions, please contact Markus Neteler <neteler at>. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to the GRASS GIS project.

This GRASS GIS Community Sprint is a great occasion for you to support the development of GRASS. With your contribution you'll enable more developers to meet. The community sprint is an important opportunity for the GRASS developers to discuss and collaboratively resolve bugs, plan the direction for the project and work on new features. Please see below for the more detailed agenda. The developers and contributors are donating their valuable time, so it would be great if in-kind funding can be made available from within the community to cover out-of-pocket expenses. All of the work that takes place at the community sprint will be directly contributed back into the GRASS project to the benefit of everyone who uses it.

The Vienna event is especially interesting since important OSGeo projects come together!

Thanks to our sponsors

Micro-donations via PayPal or direct bank transfer, highlighting donations over 100 Euro
  • Pietro Blu Giandonato
  • Johannes Radinger
  • Alessandro Fanna
  • Mark Seibel
  • Johannes Brauner
  • Ivan Marchesini
  • Luca Casagrande
  • Veronica Andreo
  • David Adams
  • Go-Parts (donation of 200 USD)
  • Massimo Di Stefano
  • Stefan Blumentrath
... so far 455 EUR donated ... thanks! :-)


When: 24-28 March, 2014

Certainly you may join or leave the community sprint whenever you prefer.

Duration: All week


The City of Vienna MA 14 gladly provides the location for the Vienna Code Sprint for up to 60 sprinters in their very new office called STAR 22 (Stadlauer Straße 56, 22. Bezirk, Wien, see also OSM map).

The venue is not far from the center of Vienna, Austria, and can be easily reached from the Vienna airport via train (~25min via train and subway).

Accommodation and Costs

Please check on the wiki page of the sprint more information about accommodation and cost. The participation is free of charge. However, participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Vienna
  • Accommodation for four nights
  • Breakfast and dinner (partly)

Agenda - What we plan to do

Note: The program is generally open for your ideas. Please write an email to the GRASS developer list to discuss your contribution or modify this wiki.

Further details about the action items you find here and below. Topics cover non-technical, semi-technical, and technical issues.


24-28 March 2014


  • [ ] fix (GRASS 6) and g.gui.rlisetup in GRASS 7, critical backports as needed for G6 (entire suite)
  • [ ] fix Python issues in WinGRASS
  • [ ] Release GRASS GIS 7 tech preview (beta1)
  • Release GRASS GIS 6.4.4RC1, see blockers
  • Do "User map" in CMS
  • Add to the GRASS manual a new page: "How to import own maps into a new location"
  • 64-bit build of WinGRASS
  • Re-export NC dataset rasters to geotiff for edu dataset (→HB) - see also here (" Common GIS formats (NC data set)")
  • Turn GRASS intro documentation and reference manuals into an eBook+PDF programmatically
  • [ ] Move r.streams.* modules from addons to trunk
  • Manuals: add examples to all important module pages (NC sample data set based)
  • Integrate color tables to SLD converter (in C, code was sent to M. Neteler) [see existing r.colors.out_sld in G6 addons]
  • improve Web site (CMS)
  • Update QGIS Processing to be compliant to GRASS 7
  • Discuss how some of the GRASS 7 specific thinks can be (re)used in QGIS/gvSIG (e.g. g.gui.* modules used as an external tool in the same way how Tcl/Tk nviz is used in QGIS, or GRASS GUI toolboxes XMLs used to create some fancy QGIS Processing layouts)
  • Private mentors discussion of GSoC projects
  • Add transifex support, via client. Study QGIS Web Makefiles for this :). Rationale: some languages may remain in ".po-file mode" while others be handled via transifex. There is a tx client which is not broken ('pip install transifex-client==0.9')

Monday, 24 March

  • Gathering (ground floor room, where the crowd is...)
  • Presentation of participants (who is who :-) )
  • Hack on...

Tuesday, 25 March


See Talk page


Friday, 28 March


In person

Please fill the related table on the wiki page of the sprint.

Via IRC chat or hangout


#grass on Freenode

For details, see IRC


There is the option to use Google+ Hangout, it is technically limited to 10 people and may require everyone to have G+ social media accounts to participate. More Information on G+ hangout.

Similarly multi-video conference calls can be done with Skype if the conference call initiator is a paid-up commercial Skype customer.

The FOSS Jitsi VoIP, IM, and video conferencing software produces a trivial to set up VideoBridge server software to the same. New: -- zero-conf free no-accounts needed video conferencing; chat, etherpad, and prezi built in. (needs recent Opera or Chrome/Chromium with WebRTC support)

Further discussion on the pros and cons of these can be found on the Talk side of this wiki page.

Please add yourself here below (please add also your gmail account for G+ hangout):

  • ...

Individual Preparation

Broadcast & Video

During the event :)



  • How was it last time?
  • Is the GRASS Community Sprint just a coding event?
    • It is mainly a coding and documentation event. It is a working session for people who are already participants in the GRASS project and/or are committed to improving the GRASS project.
    • On demand we can do some presentations of current working GRASS implementation and new upcoming features to spread the idea of Open Source GIS software
  • Is the GRASS Community Sprint for developers only?
    • No: anybody can help, with testing, checking out bugs and fixes, documentation and more.
  • Where can I get help and more information about the community sprint?

Press Release