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This pages contains a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Feel free to add text, "Edit" button for that.



  • Can I map data from an arbitrary database model to work with GRASS without having to restructure or create a new database?



GRASS 6 compilation problems

  • Can't find a library even after I've built and installed it: Make sure that /usr/local/lib (or where you installed it) is listed in your /etc/ file and (as root) run /sbin/ldconfig.
  • grass 5.7 compilation problems: - GRASS57 Compilation
  • grass 5.3, 5.4 compilation problems: - GRASS53 Compilation
  • How do I install grass in windows 2000: - WinGRASS Installation

GRASS and Cygwin

  • How do I find the Cygwin packages to install? - Cygwin Packages
  • Can't find pq.dll: Make sure you installed the PostgreSQL package in the Cygwin [installer].
  • Can't find pq.dll : try copy cygpq.dll to pq.dll


  • In a Latitude-Longitude location I'm getting the error Illegal latitude for North when importing an unprojected raster image: Unprojected images are given a resolution of 1 pixel per line, and so any image with a height of more than 90 pixels will try and write data to an impossible latitude.

Solution: import the image into a simple XY location and georeference the image with either r.region (if bounds are simple and known) or i.points and i.rectify. An automated alternative to r.region is to create a "World File" to be used by See the GeoTIFF format help page at [[1]].