GRASS GIS Budget 2020

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--- DRAFT ---

Currency: Euro

Note that OSGeo budget is in US Dollars.


Source Amount € Notes
Surplus from 2019 ...
Donations ... New fundraising program: Sponsoring
Total ...

Planned Expenses

Source Amount € Amount USD Notes
Exchange rate (as of 31 Dec 2019) 1.0 1.12196 See:
Bank fees (base pkg, wire fees, paypal fees, etc.) 50 56 estimated
Events/Community Sprints
Main GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2020 2,000 2,243 based on previous years and sprints by other OSGeo projects (relation to OSGeo budget 2020 TBD)
Secondary GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2020 500 561 (relation to OSGeo budget 2020 TBD)
GRASS GIS Raleigh meetups 2020 500 561 one or more Community Events, see 2015, 2016, and 2017 (record in OSGeo budget 2020 TBD)
Travel grants for community/code sprints 3,000 3,366 based on assumption of up to 500 per person per event and 6 persons in need of significant sponsorship for 1 event (relation to OSGeo budget 2020 TBD)
     Subtotal Sprints 6,000 6,731
Design and implementation of a complete GRASS GIS Website (draft site) 5,348 6,000 shifted here from 2019, see Website migration plan 2019
T-shirts and/or swag for promotion/users/meetups/conferences 1,500 1,683 community members will be able to get swag for local or global events (e.g., GIS Day)
Flyers and other printed materials for events (FOSS4Gs, EGU, FOSDEM...) 100 112
Stickers and magnets (conferences, talks, general promotion) 1,000 1,122 increased amount for different kinds and sizes
     Subtotal Marketing 7,948 8,917
TOTAL 13,998 15,704
Request to OSGeo (main budget) 8,022 9,000 = Total minus Events/Community Sprints
Requests to OSGeo (sprint budget) 1,783 2,000 = Events/Community Sprints to be requested separately
Delta to be fundraised 4,194 4,704 To be covered by 2019 leftover, and fundraising

Actual expenses

Source Amount € Notes
Bank fees (base pkg, wire fees, paypal fees, etc.) 20
... ...
Travel grants for community sprints ... see TBD
Design and implementation of new GRASS GIS Web site ... Payment postponed from 2019
T-shirts for community sprints ...
T-shirts for promotion/users ...
Flyers for events (Community sprint, FOSS4G conferences, EGU, FOSDEM...) ...
Stickers (conferences, talks, general promotion) ...