GRASS GIS ISPRS Prague meetup 2016

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People contributing or interested in contributing to GRASS GIS are welcome to meet during ISPRS Congress held in Prague 12-19th July 2016, Czech Republic.

Details will be published later or during the congress.

Contact person: Martin Landa (landa.martin gmail com)


Are you going to ISPRS Congress, or you are just in Prague and willing to meet? Please put your name to the table bellow.

No Participant Arrival Departure Country ISPRS participation Note
1 Martin Landa 12/7 19/7 CZ yes Contact person
2 Helena Mitasova 15/7 19/7 US yes
3 Vaclav Petras 12/7 19/7 US yes
4 Anna Petrasova 12/7 19/7 US yes
5 Yasuharu Yamada 16/7 18/7 JP yes
6 Adam Laza 12/7 19/7 CZ no
7 Ondrej Pesek 12/7 19/7 CZ no
8 Stepan Turek 12/7 15/7 or 19/7 CZ no
9 Zofie Cimburova 14/7 18/7 or 19/7 CZ no