GRASS GIS Ispra meetups 2016

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A group of people contributing or interested in contributing to GRASS GIS is planning to meet in the coming days in Ispra (VA), Italy, in the Clubhouse of the Joint Research Centre outside working hours and / or during weekend in a place to be decided. If you aren't a contributor but still are interested, please have a look at the documentation for first time users and come to discover, we will introduce you to GRASS GIS. The dates are tbd. If you are interested, please contact us.

Contact person: Margherita Di Leo (diregola gmail com)

27 Sep 2016

Location: Clubhouse, room CH-Rose. Time: h 5:00 PM onward Arrangement: Bring your laptop, some power strips (ciabatta) if you have.


  • Introduction of participants with short presentations of their work and their interest to use GRASS GIS, questions and answers.
  • Planning meetings and activities


  • Margherita Di Leo
  • Yann Chemin
  • Thomas Huld
  • ..add yourself here..