GRASS GIS Standardized Sample Datasets

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See Trac wiki page for the development of the dataset.

List of datasets

Already published:

  • North Carolina GRASS Sample Location (map names partially standardized, content partially standardized, currently used dataset, to be deprecated)
  • Piemonte, Italy (map names not standardized, content not standardized, work in progress)
  • Spearfish, USA (to be phased out)

Planning - Future datasets


Computing slope and aspect

Compute slope, aspect and profile curvature of the terrain:

g.region raster=elevation
r.slope.aspect elevation=elevation slope=slope aspect=aspect pcurvature=profile_curvature

North Carolina (USA) dataset
Piemonte (Italy) dataset
Puerto Rico dataset
Czech Republic dataset

Visualizing shaded relief

Visualize digital elevation model with shaded relief:

g.region raster=elevation
r.relief input=elevation output=shade
d.shade shade=shade color=elevation

Where are the datasets used

Tools to help with managing a dataset