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GRASS GIS participated in the OSGeo Virtual OSGeo Community Sprint 2020 which took place online. November 17, 18, and 19.


See OSGeo Virtual OSGeo Community Sprint 2020.

Communication channels

  • GitHub
  • grass-dev mailing list
  • Jitsi (meet.jit.si)
  • A dedicated grass repo project on GitHub for the sprint


  • 22 PRs merged
    • Open recent files in integrated Python editor
    • Automatically show all newly created data in GUI
    • GUI fixes: 2
    • Better CLI messages: 2
    • Code quality, segmentation fault: 5
    • Other: Unlimited shell history, Fixes for parallel import, CI
    • grass-addons repo: 8 PRs
    • See the OSGeo Virtual OSGeo Community Sprint 2020 project on Github for full list of PRs worked on in the grass repo.
  • 2 hours of community meeting in Jitsi with participants from at least three continents
    • Topic 1: Priorities for the upcoming GRASS GIS 8 release
    • Action point 1: Open issues on GitHub for the important at Grass8Planning wiki page on Trac (pick the one you care about)
    • Topic 2: Is it database, location, and mapset or project and subproject in a directory?
    • Action point 2: Discuss various aspects of the location-project controversy on the mailing list.

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