GRASS GIS contributors meetings in San Michele/February 2016

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15-20 February 2016


Community stuff:

Time-based task:

  • Wed morning - GIS.lab (Markus, Luca, Ludka, Martin, ...)
  • Fri morning - OSM data -> Vector network analysis with turntable (Markus, Luca, Stepan, ...)


  • discuss and ideally activate new raster compression scheme in "trunk" (trac #2750)
    • code: lib/raster/init.c, line 124
    • Plan:
      • Null data are by default DEFLATE compressed: hence, if GRASS_COMPRESS_NULLS=1 or not defined at all. So, if the user sets GRASS_COMPRESS_NULLS to anything else than 1, Null data will not be compressed.
      • Note: Backward NULL file compression compatibility could be implemented in relbranch70 only by ZLIB's DEFLATE (see Hence ZLIB may qualify for the default NULL compression algorithm.



  • Kickstart of GRASS with LatLong predefined, open import wizard | switch projection



Web CMS:

  • discuss CMS migration to Wordpress

OSM data -> Vector network analysis with turntable

  • Add turntable support for OSM data
  • discuss: How the whole solution should look like?


  • Update include/Make to reflect Addons with libs

Participants and reports

  • Martin Landa
  • Ludmila
  • Matej




  • Various Graphical Modeler improvements (collaboration with Ludmila) - trac #2782, trac #2904
  • Vagrant improvements
  • Various wxGUI improvements and fixes
  • Element name issue (3d-raster to raster_3d)
  • wxGUI data catalog fixes and improvements (copy, rename, delete maps)
  • Fix wxGUI addons handling (when addons contains more commands)
  • Fix g.extension compilation of addons
  • winGRASS: switch to GDAL 2.0
  • Logs overview



  • worked on modification of db library to allow proper work with 64bit integers (not yet commited needs discussion)
  • created init version of module r67912 by turek
  • created draft (not yet commited) of v.db.category module to build category crosstable between two layers
  • worked on worflow OSM data -> GRASS ->* analyses with turntable


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