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=== Photos ===
=== Photos ===
{{fig|solany_dec_2015_1|GRASS&pirozky hackfest}}
{{fig|solany_dec_2015_1|GRASS&pirozky Hackfest Solany December 2015}}
== 0. Meeting (undated somewhere in the Summer 2014) ==
== 0. Meeting (undated somewhere in the Summer 2014) ==

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An open group of people contributing or interested in contributing to GRASS GIS occasionally meet at the cottage of Martin Landa located in the north-west part of the Czech Republic in the village called Solany.

1. Meeting (December 18-20 2015)

Discussed topics

  • Ludmila's diploma thesis tunnig
  • GRASS Julia API
  • wxGUI Attribute Manager improvements (pyGRASS + table layer item)

Participants & reports

Martin Landa

  • List of SVN logs
  • Various improvements and updates in WinGRASS 32bit and 64bit builds (#1213)
  • Preparation of 7.0.3 release plan
  • First steps for new Ubuntu builds
  • Various wxGUI fixes and improvements (Quit dialog, giface and g.gui.* modules, Graphical Modeler)
  • libgis: cross-platform newline characters (#2745) + i.cluster/v.out.ascii updated
  • Borscht :-)

Stepan Turek

Matej Krejci

Ludmila Furtkevicova


File:Solany dec 2015 1.png
GRASS&pirozky Hackfest Solany December 2015

0. Meeting (undated somewhere in the Summer 2014)


  • Martin Landa
  • Stepan Turek
  • Matej Krejci


Martin, Stepan, Matej and Gulliver working on GRASS GIS in the summer 2014