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* [[GRASS FAQ]] (see also: [[GRASS 6 Tutorial]])
== Getting Started ==
''Most tutorials and examples will use the [[#Sample Datasets | Spearfish County, SD]] sample dataset.'' New examples are also based on the rich [http://www.grassbook.org/data_menu3rd.php OSGeo Educational Dataset] (North Carolina, USA)
=== Installation ===
* Covered in the [[Installation Guide]]
=== Frequently Asked Questions ===
* [[Faq|FAQ]]
* You can contact GRASS users in [[How to participate in IRC communication|IRC]]
* [[How the Open Source software development model works]]
=== First Day Documentation ===
* [[GRASS 6 Terminology]]
* [[Gis Concepts|Basic GIS concepts]] and how GRASS implements them
* [http://grass.osgeo.org/grass64/manuals/html64_user/helptext.html GRASS Quickstart] help page
* [[Importing data]]: how to get your data into GRASS
* [http://grass.osgeo.org/grass64/manuals/html64_user/index.html GRASS help pages] including basic introductions
==== Short tutorials ====
* [[Quick_wx_tutorial|A quick introduction to the 6.4 wxGUI and raster maps]]
* Course material of [http://geostat-course.org/Topic_NetelerMetz_2011 Introduction to GRASS GIS], Geostat 2011, Landau, Germany, by M. Neteler and M. Metz
* [http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/HowToTestGrass6 How-To Test GRASS6] - easy to replicate steps with GRASS 6.3+ and QGIS
* The [[GRASS 6 Tutorial]] (a work in progress; seeking for volunteers)
* [http://www.grassbook.org/neteler/osg05/ GRASS 6 in a nutshell] by M. Neteler (2005, short tutorial, also translated to Spanish and French)
* [http://www.gdf-hannover.de/lit_html/grass60_v1.2_en/index.html An introduction to the practical use of the Free Geographical Information System GRASS 6.0] by GDF Hannover - [http://www.gdf-hannover.de/media.php?id=0&lg=en More tutorials] from GDF Hannover
==== Textbook ====
* [http://www.grassbook.org Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach. 3rd ed. 2008] by M. Neteler and H. Mitasova (Springer book; focus is on GRASS 6.3)
==== Individual modules ====
* Synopsis of GRASS modules, including menu positions ({{website|gdp/grassmanuals/grass64_module_list.pdf|PDF, 100k}}) ({{website|gdp/grassmanuals/grass64_module_list.html|HTML version}})
: ''Create current list with'' "<tt>make html2pdfdoc</tt>" or "<tt>cd tools; ./module_synopsis.sh</tt>" ''in GRASS 6.3+''
* Individual GRASS module [http://grass.osgeo.org/grass64/manuals/html64_user/index.html  reference manuals]
* All GRASS module reference manuals (PDF Book)
: ''Create current set with'' "<tt>make html2pdfdoccomplete</tt>" ''in GRASS 6.3+''
=== Sample Datasets ===
* [http://www.grassbook.org/data_menu3rd.php North Carolina, USA (OSGeo Edu dataset)] - rich data set prepared in 2007/2008
* [http://grass.osgeo.org/download/data6.php Spearfish County, SD, USA] (not so far from Mount Rushmore) with [http://mpa.itc.it/markus/osg05/ extra data]
** Mount Rushmore: [43&deg;53' N,  103&deg;28' W]
* [[Global datasets]]
* [http://grass.osgeo.org/download/data.php More sample data]
== Further Reading ==
* [[Documents|Full GRASS Documentation]]
* [[GRASS_Education_%28Free_GIS_education%29#Teaching_Materials | Teaching materials]] contributed by the community.<BR>(Tutorials, courseware, training videos, etc.)
* More GRASS documentation and tutorials from the old [http://grass.osgeo.org/gdp/index.php GRASS Documentation Project].<BR>[''content is slowly being merged into this Wiki'']
* [[GRASS and its siblings%3B a guide for the novice]]
== Migration from other GIS Software ==
* [[GRASS_migration_hints|GRASS migration hints]]
* [[GIS to GRASS command translation|GIS Software to GRASS command translation table and discussion]]
* [[Tips for Arc users]]
== Interfacing with external software ==
* [[Tips_and_Tricks#Using_QGIS_as_a_frontend_to_GRASS| QGIS]] frontend
* [[GRASS_and_Rstat|R statistics]] interface
* [[GRASS_and_GMT|GMT mapping]] cartography
* [[GRASS_and_MapServer| MapServer]] web server
* External databases ({{cmd|db.connect}})
* External raster data ({{cmd|r.external}})
* External vector data ({{cmd|v.external}})
* [[GRASS and Paraview|Paraview]] 3D visualization ({{cmd|r.out.vtk}}, {{cmd|r3.out.vtk}}, {{cmd|v.out.vtk}})
* [[POV-Ray|POVray]] 3D visualization ({{cmd|r.out.pov}}, {{cmd|v.out.pov}})
* [[OpenSceneGraph]] 3D visualization
* [[GRASS vector export to Inkscape]]
== Misc. Help ==
* [[:Category:FAQ|GRASS FAQ]] (see also: [[GRASS 6 Tutorial]])
* [[Tips and Tricks]]
* [[Tips and Tricks]]
* [[Compile and install GRASS and QGIS with GDAL/OGR Plugin]]
* [[How to interpolate point value using kriging method with R and GRASS 6]]
* Wiki [[Help]] (how to edit pages after registration)
[[Category: Documentation]]

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Getting Started

Most tutorials and examples will use the Spearfish County, SD sample dataset. New examples are also based on the rich OSGeo Educational Dataset (North Carolina, USA)


Frequently Asked Questions

First Day Documentation

Short tutorials


Individual modules

Create current list with "make html2pdfdoc" or "cd tools; ./module_synopsis.sh" in GRASS 6.3+
  • All GRASS module reference manuals (PDF Book)
Create current set with "make html2pdfdoccomplete" in GRASS 6.3+

Sample Datasets

Further Reading

  • Teaching materials contributed by the community.
    (Tutorials, courseware, training videos, etc.)

Migration from other GIS Software

Interfacing with external software

Misc. Help

  • Wiki Help (how to edit pages after registration)