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** Mount Rushmore: [43d53' N,  103d28' W]
** Mount Rushmore: [43d53' N,  103d28' W]

* [[Global_Datasets|Seturi de date globale]]
* [[Global datasets|Seturi de date globale]]

* [http://grass.ibiblio.org/download/data.php More sample data]
* [http://grass.ibiblio.org/download/data.php More sample data]

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Primii paşi

Most tutorials and examples will use the Spearfish County, SD sample dataset. New examples will be also based on the OSGeo Educational Dataset (North Carolina, USA)


Întrebări frecvente

Documentaţie pentru prima zi

First few slides are geared for Mac OSX, the rest is generic.

Scurt tutorial

Suport de curs

Module individuale

  • Synopsis of GRASS modules (PDF, 71k)
    Create current list with "make html2pdfdoc" or "cd tools; ./module_synopsis.sh" in GRASS 6.3+
  • All GRASS module reference manuals (PDF Book)
    Create current set with "make html2pdfdoccomplete" in GRASS 6.3+

Seturi de date mostră

Alte materiale

  • Teaching materials contributed by the community.
    (Tutorials, courseware, training videos, etc.)

Migrare de la alt Software GIS

Interfacing with external software

Ajutor divers

  • Wiki Help (how to edit pages after registration)