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* HTML notation: <span style="color:#009000">#008A28</span>
* HTML notation: <span style="color:#009000">#008A28</span>
* RGB values: <span style="color:#009000">0, 138, 40</span>
* RGB values: <span style="color:#009000">0, 138, 40</span>
* LaTeX code: <source lang="latex" enclose="none">\definecolor{ColorName}{rgb}{0.00, x.xx, x.xx }</source>
* LaTeX code: <source lang="latex" enclose="none">\definecolor{ColorName}{rgb}{0.00, 0.54, 0.16 }</source>

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[[Category: FAQ]]
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The GRASS-GIS logo can be downloaded in various formats from http://grass.osgeo.org/download/logos/.

For more grassy fun-logos, see the GRASS Art Gallery.

The official GRASS-GIS logogram
The official GRASS-GIS vector logogram

Official colors

The logo is synthesized by green, black and a white background. Specifically, the green color is defined in:

  • HTML notation: #009000
  • RGB values: 0, 144, 0
  • LaTeX code: \definecolor{ColorName}{rgb}{0.00,0.56,0.00}

However, in the (new) GRASS-GIS website the green color differs slightly and is defined as follows in:

  • HTML notation: #008A28
  • RGB values: 0, 138, 40
  • LaTeX code: \definecolor{ColorName}{rgb}{0.00, 0.54, 0.16 }