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Metadata support



Comments on a vector map can be added manually by editing $MAPSET/vector/$MAPNAME/hist.

Metadata management ideas for future versions of GRASS

Unified XML-based approach for raster/vector/imagery

  • store relevant metadata in an XML-based format, along with creation/modification history
  • a new directory '$maspset/metadata/' could house this information
  • would probably require major re-write of the raster/vector history mechanism
  • generic reading/writing of XML data (don't we already have this functionality somewhere...)

Creating an INSPIRE compliant version of {v,r}.support

One idea would be to develop an INSPIRE compliant version of {v,r}.support. The module would ensure that all fields required for INSPIRE would be completed. It should be possible to write the Metadata out as XML (see above section). The European Union Open Source Metadata Editor (EUOSME) is a Web-based INSPIRE module that is published under the European Union Public Licence [1].