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This is the GRASS page for Google Summer of Code 2013. Here we will list project ideas and and other information related to the GRASS GSoC projects.


  • Project ideas of your own are also most welcome and often the best.

Symbology / Cartography

  • Allow display of a vector legend in the map display (equivalent to current d.legend implementation for rasters)
HB: note that SoC only accepts coding projects, not graphics design or documentation projects. Adding svg/eps support to a d.* module and would be quite helpful. See the d.graph help page and's "eps" and "vpoints" instructions.


  • Based on the work on segmentation in GSoC 2012 develop routines for object-based (ore region-based) image classification. This probably entails:
    • Characterizing segments. Thsi includes producing statistics such as mean, median, variance of the segmented data within each delineated segment.
    • Classifying segments based on the characteristics and (possibly) training areas
    • Interface with other modules in a consistent workflow (i.cluster, r.fuzzy, etc)
  • Implement hierarchical classification tools (e.g. being able to create a large class "forest", with subclasses of different types of forests)
  • Interface with the Orfeo toolbox (OTB), which is an open source, ITK-based, C++ library of (spatial) image processing library. OTB implements a very wide set of interesting features for anybody working with raster data - in particular satellite imagery: radiometric corrections, orthorectification, filtering, feature extraction, image segmentation , classification, change detection, etc.