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This page should help those that are interested in helping with GRASS find a project they can work on. If you decide to work on any of the tasks, please announce it on the [GRASS Developers list] and add a note here on this page.

Bug reporting

When you encounter a problem using GRASS, first read the documentation, then ask on the users list. If the problem seems to be a bug with GRASS and not a usage error, file a bugreport in the [GRASS bug tracker]. Please fill in all the fields and be as precise as possible in your error description (for example: do not write "it does not work", but "I get the following error message: xxx").


With the release of GRASS 5.4 and 6.0, development will focus on 6.1. You can participate in development in the following ways:

GUI development

Since 5.7 GRASS has one internal GUI, the GIS Manager (d.m), a tcl/tk interface to the GRASS modules. Recent development has been towards the integration of access to GRASS data from general cartographic viewers, such as [Quantum GIS] (already implemented) and [Thuban] (on the roadmap?).

So, you can help either with:

  • GIS Manager (contact Michael Barton via the [developers list]
  • integration of GRASS access into other software (see respective web sites)


  • correct and enhance man pages (see ManContribHowTo)
  • compile a FAQ (more complete than GrassFAQPage)
  • write a beginners tutorial for GRASS 6 (already done in German, currently being translated to english, FDL)
  • write HOWTOs on specific tasks


  • check out the [GRASS messages translation project (i18N)] if you want to help translating internal GRASS messages
  • translate man pages
  • [%ATTACHURL%/grass57-install-run.txt][grass57-install-run.txt] (partially outdated)