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New GRASS GIS Usermap (2013-...)

Update 2012: a new user map is on the way...

... still working on it...

Old GRASS GIS Usermap (2006-2012)

This section explains basic information about the GRASS GIS usermap created in 2006 at


  • Debian GNU/Linux Setup
  • PostGIS
  • UMN MapServer
  • (stripped down) pmapper1

Provided Data

GRASS GIS WMS/WFS-Usermaps GetCapabilities-Links

Please use my WMS/WFS-Usermaps as well

Here you can add your GetCapabilities-Links you would like to have added to the Usermap, e.g. OSGeo users, FWTools users, ...

Generating screenshots

  • using shp2img to generate a imagefile of the mapfile-content
  • using convert to crop and resize the image to fit on the pages
  • set up a cronjob to do that on a hourly basis.


Link: GRASS GIS Usermap