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GRASS has been integrated into Sextante as extension. Sextante itself is commonly used within gvSIG. Through this integration, gvSIG users have access to the wealth of well tested algorithms provided by GRASS.

How to install

  1. Download gvSIG binaries from here
  2. Download Raster Pilot from here
  3. Download Sextante binaries from here


Now you have three files, for example: gvSIG-1_1_x-raster_pilot-BN7-linux-i586.bin, gvSIG-1_9-linux-i586-withjre.bin, and

You have to run (follow the dialogs):

sh gvSIG-1_9-linux-i586-withjre.bin
sh gvSIG-1_1_x-raster_pilot-BN7-linux-i586.bin

To install the content of

mkdir /PATH/TO/gvSIG_1.9/bin/gvSIG/extensiones/es.unex.sextante
cd /PATH/TO/gvSIG_1.9/bin/gvSIG/extensiones/es.unex.sextante
unzip /PATH/TO/ "core/*"
mv core/* .
rmdir core
unzip /PATH/TO/ "bindings/gvsig_1_9/*"
mv bindings/gvsig_1_9/* .
rmdir bindings/gvsig_1_9 bindings

# todo: help

If you installed it with JRE usage (default), you now have to remove

rm -f sextante_flowTools-0.55.jar flowmap.jar j3dcore.jar prefuse*.jar vecmath-1.3.jar

Now you can launch gvSIG, from the Desktop or via (adjust path):






How to use

Preparation of GRASS for Sextante

Go into Sextante settings, and set (update paths accordingly to your installation):

 GRASS folder = /usr/local/grass-6.4.svn
 GRASS mapset= <my home dir>/grass/location/<mapset name>


GRASS is used in an internal temporary session.

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