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Migrating to GRASS

Welcome! There is a lot of help on the web and a wealth of expertise available on the mailing lists and via IRC.

GIS "The GRASS way"


Collaboration with external software is highly encouraged.

  • GDAL/OGR for Import/Export
  • R statistics: GRASS/R interface
  • DXF:, v.out.dxf
  • Matlab/Octave:, r.out.mat,,, v.out.ascii
  • POVray: r.out.pov, v.out.pov
  • VMRL: p.out.vrml
  • GMT - Generic Mapping Tools for cartography:, r.out.bin
  • Google Earth/KML: v.out.ogr
  • VTK (Paraview, etc): r3.out.vtk, r.out.vtk, v.out.vtk
  • V5D:, r3.out.v5d


  • All code POSIX C and generic UNIX compatible
  • Most code MinGW compatible for native MS-Windows


  • GRASS is made up of modular tools specifically designed for easy scriptability in any number of common scripting languages
  • SWIG interface for direct hooks into higher scripting languages


GRASS Concepts

Tips for recent migrants