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** for Germany / Europe in progress (thx to Martin Wegmann)
** for Germany / Europe in progress (thx to Martin Wegmann)
* Stickers
* Stickers
* Proofreading
= People (add yourself here) =
= People (add yourself here) =

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GRASS Promotion

Here can the GRASS promotion team coordinate its work.

Where can we get some resources (financial or support) to print the brochures
Ideally you get yourself a corporate sponsor who either does the printing (Autodesk has been very helpful in this respect and they have offices everywhere) or sponsors the printing costs. For example, in Germany you can also directly request for OSGeo funds through FOSSGIS e.V., in Italy through GFOSS.it. Describe what event you need the brochures for and add an estimate of the printing costs. For larger international events you should contact OSGeo's Marketing Committee, they have a small budget but mostly they can help to coordinate.

Todo (add yourself)

As soon as possible

1. Grassbrochure

2. GRASS Flyer (done)

3. Technical Data sheet

  • Done, 2nd page of flyer

4. Newbie friendly tutorial

5. Live CD (maintenance to keep up to date,)

6. Find some funding for printing the flyer / brochure

  • How much is needed?

Depends on the quality & number of flyers we want to order I found one shop where we can get 2500 flyer for about 170 - 270 € (aprox. 225 - 355 US $. depending on paper/colors...)

  • Find a way to spread the flyer

Later or synchronous

People (add yourself here)

  • Malte Halbey-Martin (maltehalbey on irc): email malte [at] geog.fu-berlin.de
  • Ominiverdi ( doktoreas or ominoverde on irc ) : email info [at] ominiverdi.org
  • Chip Mefford (cpm on irc) : email cpm [at] daviswv.net or cpm [at] well.com
  • Carlos Grohmann: email carlos.grohmann [at] gmail.com
  • Milena Nowotarska (milenaN on irc) : email do.milenki [at] gmail.com