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GRASS Promotion

Here can the GRASS promotion team coordinate its work.

Where can we get some ressources (financial or support) to print the brochures

Todo (add yourself)

As soon as possible

1. Technical Data sheet (maybe format like a brochure)

2. Newbie friendly tutorial

3. Grassbrochure (Latex based for easy translation) [Malte Halbey-Martin]

4. Live CD (mainenance to keep uptodate)

5. Find some funding for printing the brochure

Later or synchronous

  • Newbie Forum (in progress)
  • Contact Databases
  • Case Histories of GRASS adoption (?)
  • Nice Posters with applications where GRASS hass been adopted
  • workaround of

People (add yourself here)

Malte Halbey-Martin (maltehalbey on irc): email malte [at]

Ominiverdi ( doktoreas or ominoverde on irc ) : email info [at]

Chip Mefford (cpm on irc) : email cpm [at] or cpm [at]