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The GRASS virtual exhibition



Over the years, a number of physical objects have been created within the context of the GRASS GIS project, which are considered relevant for the project history and are worth to be preserved. There is no central archive to store these objects yet. Currently, these objects are spread out over the globe and are kept by various individuals.

The GRASS virtual exhibition is to become a central hub for the GRASS GIS community to provide information about the physical objects, their whereabouts and contact persons. References to specimen of the virtual exhibition as scientific citation will be enabled by persistent digital identifiers.

Both concept and content of the GRASS virtual exhibition are expected to evolve over time.

List of known relevant physical objects

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  • GRASS "3-D" t-shirt . Location: Potsdam, Germany. Caretaker: Peter Löwe [tbd: link to individual page]
  • GRASS V2.0 manual frontpage, framed and signed by William Shatner. Location: Potsdam Caretaker: Peter Löwe [tbd: link to individual page]