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See [[Promotional material]] for up-to-date information.
=GRASS Brochure=
=GRASS Brochure=

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Dilemma Content to be removed or conserved as a historical reference

See Promotional material for up-to-date information.

GRASS Brochure


Creation of a multipage, professional brochure

I think we have huge amount of stuff what we can already use e.g. Grassflyer, Wiki, and so on

Ideas collection

  • Coorporate Identity OSGeo
  • Large use of screenshots / examples (does anybody know how to create screenshots with high resolution?)
  • Large use of case studies
  • THIS IS FOR SALARY, so it must look professional


  • Introduction of GRASS
  • History
  • Capabilities of GRASS
    • Vector Data Management
    • Raster Data Management
    • Voxel Data Management
    • Image Processing
    • Databases
    • Geostatistics
  • Technical Data Sheet

(GRASS Promotion Team)