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  • - Create a raster map from an assemblage of many coordinates using univariate statistics.
  • - Import data from an ASCII file to GRASS vector format.
    Limited to a few million data points unless topology and database creation is skipped


  • v.lidar.growing - Building contour determination and Region Growing algorithm for determining the building inside.
  • v.lidar.correction - Correction of the v.lidar.growing output. It is the last of the three algorithms for LIDAR filtering.

Surface generation

  • - Spatial approximation and topographic analysis using regularized spline with tension.
  • - Surface interpolation from vector point data by Inverse Distance Squared Weighting.
  • r.fillnulls - Fills no-data areas in raster maps using splines interpolation.

Sample data

Widely used in GRASS tutorials


  • USGS Center for LIDAR Information Coordination and Knowledge (aka CLICK) - USGS LiDAR point cloud distribution site
  • EarthScope Spatial Data Explorer - A java application for querying, browsing, and acquiring data from the EarthScope Spatial Data Repository. Currently includes a number of LiDAR datasets.