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* [[User:Landa|Martin Landa]]
* [[User:Landa|Martin Landa]]
* Milena Nowotarska
* Milena Nowotarska
* Robert Szczepanek

[[Category: Development]]
[[Category: Development]]

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Markus Metz proposed on [ GRASS-dev ml] to have a "man page improvement day", similar to a code sprint, with the whole community dedicating perhaps a day to finding problems in man pages and fixing them. Benjamin Ducke suggested also to rephrase things that are hard to understand or elaborate on aspects that aren't explained verbosely enough.


Who's interested

  • Markus Metz
  • Benjamin Ducke
  • Dylan Beaudette
  • Markus Neteler
  • Anne Ghisla
  • Martin Landa
  • Milena Nowotarska
  • Robert Szczepanek