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NOTE 2008: The migration has be done - this page is archived for historical reasons

This page contains notes related to GRASS code migration (planned) from CVS to SVN.


October 2007: It has been decided to open the SVN at OSGeo


  • The SVN command line interface is just like CVS, many tasks are identical - just change the program name from cvs to svn.

GRASS CVS repository structure


GRASS OSGeo SVN repository structure

See Discussion page for details.

|    |
|    +---/trunk (grass6 CVS HEAD)
|    |
|    +---/branches
|    |    |
|    |    +---/releasebranch_5_x (note: 5_5 based on grass5 CVS HEAD)
|    |    |
|    |    +---/releasebranch_6_x
|    |
|    +---/tags
|    |
|    +---/trunk


  • grass51, grass_doc, libgrass and programgrass50 are dead, will be not migrated
  • grass migrated as grass/branches/releasebranch_5_5
  • web migrated as grass-web
  • newsletter will be merged with OSGeo newsletter repository
  • wxPython GUI moved from grass-addons to grass code base (grass/gui/wxpython)
  • gui/wxpython/screenshots removed, can be part of grass-addons (e.g. grass-addons/screenshots/wxpython)


For text files are used keywords=Author Date Id Revision, in detail:

GRASS 7 development notes


External links

SVN hosting

There are two main options to host the new SVN repository.