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Installation of additional drivers

  • See Database drivers page for overview. There are drivers for PostgreSQL, SQLite and MS-Access mdb files.

PostgreSQL ( 2.x)

Installation of PostgreSQL driver

  1. download driver
  2. Start OpenOffice, choose 'Tools/Package Manager'. Click on the add button and select the downladed file (DO NOT EXTRACT IT !) in the upcoming File dialog. The driver gets installed now, afterwards, the file is listed in the dialog with state enabled. In case you have installed an older version of the driver, remove it now. Close the dialog and restart openoffice (even the quickstarter on windows must be shut down !!!). Done.

Usage of PostgreSQL driver

After starting, use: File -> New -> Database to enter the DB dialog.

  • Connect to existing database (select driver): postgresql
  • Connection settings (example, find out with psql -l): dbname=pqtest host=mydatabaseserver
  • User name: yourname
  • Finish brings you to a 'Save as' dialog for the connection, saves these settings as file
  • Then click on 'Tables' in the next screen to see the existing PG tables in the database. Usually the 'public' scheme contains the user tables.
  • The 'Queries' button takes you to the query mode, it contains a graphical query designer.

MySQL ( 2.x)

DBF files ( 2.x)

No installation needed, the driver is included in the standard version of

MS-Access mdb files ( 2.x)

Note that the driver is somewhat behind the development.

SQLite files ( 2.x)