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Call for election email


Mon Oct 8 02:20:59 PDT 2012
Markus Neteler neteler at 

Dear all,

the GRASS-PSC (GRASS Project Steering Commitee, see also ) formally oversees the activities
of the GRASS GIS project. It operates at a low level of complication.

Since several members stepped down in this year due to time constraints
or other reasons, we need to start the process to renew parts of the PSC.

List of current PSC members:
- Hamish Bowman
- Helena Mitasova
- Markus Neteler (chair)
- Massimiliano Cannata
- Michael Barton
- Scott Mitchell

Former PSC members:
- Brad Douglas
- Dylan Beaudette
- Paul Kelly
- Maciej Sieczka

In essence we have 4 slots available.

This is the "call for nomination" to obtain a list of people with
recognized contribution to the GRASS project.
The proposer should nominate community member(s) along
with a small paragraph describing why the candidate is
proposed as PSC member.
We'll collect the nominations on a Wiki page and figure out
how to identify the four new members if we get more than four
candidates :)


List of nominees for the PSC election

Any community member is eligible to propose a new PSC member candidate.

To submit a PSC member nomination:

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first.
  • Please send an email to PSC mailing list - (you should be subscribed) - and also feel free to cc: the nomination to the GRASS user list - - so that the community remains informed.
  • Please add details below.
  • Also, you might want to reference your Wiki profile here:

Deadline: Wednesday, 31 October 2012, 12:00 UTC

The list of nominees:

Name Country Notes
Candidate's name Country From: Your name (Nominator)

I'd like to nominate XXX

Martin Landa Czech Republic From: Margherita Di Leo


Markus Metz Germany From: Luca Delucchi


Margherita Di Leo Italy From: Helmut Kudrnovsky


Moritz Lennert Belgium From: Eric Momsen



All proposed PSC members have been accepted by the current PSC as of 25 Nov. 2012.

New GRASS GIS PSC (order by surname):

  • Michael Barton, USA
  • Hamish Bowman, New Zealand
  • Massimiliano Cannata, Switzerland
  • Moritz Lennert, Belgium
  • Margherita Di Leo, Italy
  • Martin Landa, Czech Republic
  • Markus Metz, Germany
  • Helena Mitasova, USA
  • Scott Mitchell, Canada
  • Markus Neteler (chair), Italy