Performance comparison GRASS vs. ArcGIS

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Vector buffer (special case)

Task: Create buffer around vector polygon with negative distance
Input data: Vector layer 'StatPolygon' from ArcCR500 dataset
Comparison: Windows Server Enterprise • Intel Xeon CPU E5520 2.27GHz 2.26GHz (2 processors) • 8GB • 64bit OS
  • GRASS 7: v.buffer input=StatPolygon output=Stat_5000 distance=-500012sec
  • ArcGIS 10.2.0: Buffer StatPolygon Stat_5000 "-5000 Meters" FULL ROUND NONE6min 50sec
Vector buffer with negative distance (GRASS)
Vector buffer with negative distance (ArcGIS)

Clipping Contest Benchmark

ContourClipTest with ArcGIS, QGIS, GlobalMapper, Manifold, JGRASS ... (tests done in 2011):

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