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Jobs in the GRASS project

- draft -

The growing infrastructure and extended user support requires more efforts to integrate user contributions and to keep things running. This page contains a list of jobs for which we seek volunteers. These jobs descriptions may appear a bit formal, but shall illustrate the needs.

Translations manager

The translations manager is responsible for maintaining the translation of GRASS messages (translation page; [ mailing list)


  • knowledge (or willingness to learn use) of translation tools (kbabel, poEDIT)
  • familiarity (or willingness to learn use) with CVS (see instructions)
  • no programming skills required


  • work with GRASS CVS-Head (latest GRASS)
  • merging translation contributions (with 'msgmerge' of .po files or simply use
  • invite translators to contribute (ask regularly, find new), make then use recent GRASS
  • create template files for new languages ('make pot')
  • update existing translations after having received latest submissions from translators ('make update-po')
  • keep headers of .po files intact and up-to-date
  • add new translators to AUTHORS file in source code

Estimated workload:

  • in average: 1-2h per week or less

Web site contributors

Several Web site contributors are desired to update pages and to improve the current structure. A future goal could be the move to a CMS system such as Drupal which would be a major effort.


  • knowledge of standard HTML (a single PHP function is used to construct menus)
  • willingness to use plain text editors to write pages (to avoid that HTML cruft creeps in)
  • familiarity (or willingness to learn use) with GRASS Web site CVS (see instructions)
  • no programming skills required


  • update outdated pages
  • think about and implement "user stories" to make site more attractive
  • think about and implement translation of important pages
  • simplify structure
  • add new screenshots with credits/CC license)
  • regularly check if mirror sites work

Estimated workload:

  • in average: 1-x h per week

Public relations manager

Despite the continuous growths of the user community, we seek for "GRASS GIS awareness" especially for public administration and companies. A multi-language brochure is needed to promote GRASS in a more effective way. Funding for a high quality print is to be defined.


  • communication and design skills


  • find like-minded people to form a GRASS promotion group
  • communicate the existence of the GRASS project
  • design of a multi-language brochure (both PDF and printed) in collaboration with the OSGeo-VisCom team
  • create material to illustrate the GRASS functionality
  • contact public administration and professionals in a non-spammy way
  • collect success stories and render them usable for the Web site

Wiki manager

The GRASS wiki (your are using it at the moment) requires a continuous monitoring.


  • basic knowledge of mediawiki usage
  • no programming skills required


  • update outdated pages
  • simplify structure where needed (merge pages)
  • clean up Orphaned pages (link, merge or remove)
  • keep Categories up to date (add at bottom of pages where needed)
  • keep an eye on spammers

Estimated workload:

  • in average: 1h per week

Interested people

While we have to figure out the process, here a list of interested people. Please add yourself:

  • Malte Halbey-Martin: Public relations Manager + Web site contributor
  • Dylan Beaudette: Web site contributor (familiar with Drupal CMS)