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(+View Map Projections http://map-projections.net/singleview.php)
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View Map Projections
View Map Projections
* http://map-projections.net/singleview.php
* http://map-projections.net/singleview.php
* [http://www.progonos.com/furuti/MapProj/Normal/TOC/cartTOC.html Cartographical Map Projections] by Carlos A. Furuti

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Projections and Datum Transformations

Brief introduction to projections and spatial transformations in GRASS

A GRASS location is referenced with a single projection and coordinate system (or unreferenced as XY location). When creating a new location from an existing raster or vector map using the tools available from the startup screen or the map import commands, projection and coordinate system are defined. To change the projection of maps, a new location has to be created and the desired maps have to be reprojected into it from the source location as explained below.

Read on in projectionintro...

Creation of a GRASS location

Support Material

  • Vector data: have enough vertices in your vector data:
    Results in EU LAEA (EPSG: 3035)
  • Ready to use .PRJ files (in the usual WKT format) as used by recent versions of ESRI ArcView: download

See also

View Map Projections


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Google Map Projection

Also called "pseudo-mercator" - note that there are many issues with this projection! Handle with care.