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Q: How do I enjoy high quality statistic analysis in GRASS?

A: Well, GRASS has got an interface to the most powerful statistics analysis package around: R (http://www.r-project.org)

First of all you need to add R to your system, the R version must be >= 1.9.1:

Once you have R in your system, take a look at http://grass.itc.it/statsgrass/grass_r_install.html.

For the impatient just start it:

> R

#and install packages directly from the net
pkgs <- c('akima', 'spgrass6', 'RODBC', 'VR')

install.packages(pkgs, dependencies=TRUE, type='source') 

See also:

  • Connecting R to RDBMS: http://grass.itc.it/statsgrass/r_and_dbms.html
  • Using GRASS and R: http://grass.itc.it/statsgrass/grass_r_interface.html
  • Spatial data in R (sp) is a R library that provides classes and methods for spatial data (points, lines, polygons, grids), and to new or existing spatial statistics R packages that use sp, depend on sp, or will become dependent on sp, such as maptools, rgdal, splancs, spgrass6, gstat, spgwr and many others.
  • GRASS News vol.3, June 2005 (R. Bivand. Interfacing GRASS 6 and R. GRASS Newsletter, 3:11-16, June 2005. ISSN 1614-8746).
  • OSGeo Journal vol. 1 May 2007 (R. Bivand. Using the R— GRASS interface. OSGeo Journal, 1:31-33, May 2007. ISSN 1614-8746).