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Q: Making region match a map.

"I imported a new map, and that seemed to go ok, but when I try and display it I get the error 'The bounding box of the map is outside the current region, nothing displayed'. What's up?"

A: The "g.region" command allows definition of a region. If a new map is not drawing on the monitor screen, it is possible that the region for that monitor does not include the map. A region which includes the map should be defined.


g.region vect=coastline

Some ways to find a suitable region:

  • Zoom up and until the view includes the map, then zoom in on the map.
  • Use "g.region" (Region -> Manage Region) to define a region based on information in a map file.
  • If you are using the grass gui gis.m, you can use the Zoom to button, in the middle of the button bar along the top of the gui window.

When a useful region is found its definition can be saved for future use.