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A bit of planning ahead...

GRASS 6.0.x

  • GRASS 6.0.2 released 22 Feb 2006

GRASS 6.1.x

  • GRASS 6.1.0beta1 released 14 Jul 2006
  • GRASS 6.1.0RC1 released 2 Aug 2006


  • Add the new v.lidar.* tools (needed for FOSS4G2006)

GRASS 6.2.x

GRASS 6.1-CVS HEAD contains various fixes and improvements which are too complicated to be backported to the 6.1.x release branch.

MNs suggestions are:

  • test 6.1.0RC1, eventuelly release it as 6.1.0 without further backports. Stop working on this branch
  • do the proposed bug day soon (in August '06)
  • don't submit changes with heavy impact during this short time
  • End of August '06:
    • create a new branch for 6.2, maintain it for a while
    • rename 6.1-CVS HEAD to 6.3-CVS HEAD to enable developers again to submit complex changes. Maybe a few things can be anticipated from the GRASS 7 ideas_collection (respecting our rules to keep parameters/flags/behaviour as much as possible for the 6.x series)

In general 6.2 should not deviate too much from the current 6.1-CVS HEAD to avoid a major delay. It would be great to have it available for the FOSS4G2006 conference in September.

GRASS 6.3.x

  • Rename HEAD to 6.3.cvs in September '06.


  • Make sqlite the default DB?
  • Create GRASS Addons SVN repository and really use GEM
  • drop d.m display manager