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The goal is to move to SVN infrastructure for GRASS 7. The hosting of SVN needs to be discussed. A new repository has to be created in any case, despite its physical location.

SVN repository with GForge at Intevation

GRASS GForge Server:


  • continuity for GRASS


  • GForge is not really accepted by GRASS developers, low usage (much lower than with old RT). Important developers are not even registered at all
  • GForge is not integrated with CVS, apparently also not with SVN
  • Wiki is yet on another server
  • more GForge bugs

SVN repository with Trac at OSGeo

OSGeo SVN/Trac Server:

GDAL SVN/Trac Server:

Main servers are at Peer1 colocation site:, adminstered by the OSGeo System Administration Committee.


  • Integrated infrastructure with other OSGeo projects (GDAL, ...)
  • SVN and Trac nicely integrated, also Wiki integrated
  • Trac shows patches/diffs in SVN (example)
  • login (signon) embedded in OSGeo LDAP: single signon for OSGeo infrastructure
  • Trac advantages
    • Timeline and roadmap provided for semi-automated release management (milestones)
    • Auto-generation of release notes (GDAL example) which we currently do by hand for thousands of fixes
    • Source code browser integrated
    • Wiki integrated
    • Ticket notification in IRC channel
    • tickets can moved around among OSGeo projects
    • easy ticket monitoring and retrieval
    • nice layout
  • potential new translation portal of OSGeo would integrate, too


  • some time already invested in Intevation's GForge

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