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Please put suggestions for screenshots to go onto the main website on this page. You can post URLs or upload images directly to the wiki or upload them to the SVN addons repository.

Here is the new work-in-progress screenshots page:

Note that all screenshots are to be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License. Please leave your name as well so we can attribute correct credit.

  • See here for help making an image on this page an instant thumbnail.
    (The syntax is [[Image:{name}|{width}px]])
  • PNG images are lossless but can be very large for satellite images & photographs. Best format to use for things like menus with a lot of solid colors and where crispness counts.
    • To help save bandwidth, save your PNGs with compression setting of 9. Often you can reduce the file size significantly by reducing the pallet size to be big enough to hold just the colors used.
    • Running a program like pngcrush can compress it further.
pngcrush -brute image.png image_crushed.png
  • JPG images are lossy but can be much smaller for things like satellite images & photographs.
    • For quality save nearer to 85%, for size save nearer to 75%.

Still to do

  • Enhance the web services page
  • Clean up & add to RS/imagery pages, clarify meanings of the two categories
  • Nicer raster/vector page images?
Create a Spearfish/NC map showing vector maps rendered with the new Cairo display driver
  • Create modeling page (R stats, Dylan's spearfish clustering fig, ..?)
Idea for modeling page is non-map figures and graphs

Stuff still to merge & places to draw from:

Subcategories are:

User Interface

Startup screen


  • GUI and tools in action

wxPython interface

  • GIS manager
  • module window


  • see Trento QGIS






Raster map operations

D rast arrow magnitude.png
  • d.rast.arrow example (HB) - added to raster page
Spearfish catchements.png
  • r.watershed help page example (HB) - added to raster page

  • r.mapcalc and LANDSAT imaging/processing
  • r.param.scale param=feature

Vector map operations

  • USA 3D bargraph by state here - v.extrude here, NVIZ
  • vector map (roads, railway, fields, points, etc) rendered using the Cairo driver


We still need to better define where to make the split between Image Processing and Remote Sensing

  • i.fusion.brovey example here
  • i.vpoints example showing back-transformed vector overlay check
  • I remember a picture of a house and dock rendered in 3D from key GCPs in some sort of stereo photogrammetry project. Maybe from an abstract of talk from the GRASS conf. that took place in EU before the Thailand one (??)

Remote Sensing and LIDAR

Satellite Data

MODIS, Quickbird, etc, I thought to put some sites/vector points stuff here too. Maybe split that out into its own category?

- very nice!
  • sat img edge detection (Markus posted one recently)
  • i.landsat.rgb trials [3]
- added to RS page
also Markus's example is nice
- added to the RS page
- already on the raster screenshot page. add to the RS page too?

LIDAR and Sonar Data

Sites (point) data

  • where to put this?
- eg NVIZ 3D histograms   (example?)

3D Visualization

  • NVIZ, r3.out.vtk, ... paraview from Sören
  • MARS MOLA data ([4]) added to viz page

3D Rendering

- added to viz page
- link added to viz page
  • see also the GRASS POV-Ray wiki page

Map reprojection

- currently on the raster page
  • i.vpoints preview vector map backwards projection overlay


Aim for publication quality

  •, nice PS,PNG driver renders
    • I do not know, if it suits, but this I got some time ago with pure [[5]]
  • example of rotated symbols in (H Bowman)
--HB: does this demo count as cartography? I'm not quite sure how to classify it.
- already added as first image on viz page, add to the cartography page as well as an example of what can be done with a printed topo map?? (HB: sure, if you like)
- added
  • screenshot of a map created with GRASS and viewed within from QGIS (using aspect data to rotate and area data to adjust the size of arrow-symbols corresponding to forest gaps).
- Does this fit here? Names and text can be removed as well as a high quality version can be created if required
Forestgaps Moseltal Germany.png

Web Services

Modeling and Statistics

this sections needs a better title



(r.out.mpeg et al)

  • old MPEG-1 canyon fly through
- added
  • Bob Covill had some ETOPO5 world bathymetry fly throughs
- added
Still need to add new movies from Bob
(don't use the bad Trento figures there)

3.5 and 4D

  • moving NVIZ cutting planes
example South America movie from Bob - added
  • Paraview

More sections?

Feel free to suggest something.